Camp Elmore

Learn about the 2014 Tom Tatham Camping Award established to recognize Units in South Florida Council for Unit Camping. Each Unit Level Camping Event at any of our three SF Council Camps for one or two nights will qualify your Unit for the corresponding Award Level earned. Unit Camping must take place between January 1st, 2014, and December 31st.2014.

Camp Elmore


Broward County

3301 S.W. 142 Avenue
Davie, FL 33450

Camp Ranger: Ray Swift

Camp Elmore Map and Camp Elmore Rules

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Everglades Boy Scout Camp


Miami-Dade County
within the Everglades National Park
28400 SW 408 St., Homestead, FL 33034

Camp Ranger: Jim Happel

Camp Everglades Map and Directions to Camp Everglades

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Camp-SawyerMonroe County

Florida Keys, Scout Key
mile marker 33.9

Camp Ranger: Taylor Hunt

Map and Rules

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Camp Sawyer Map