South Florida Council Re-chartering Resource Site

Welcome to your Council re-chartering resource page. This yearly process is a function of the Commissioner Corp and if you do not know who the assigned commissioner is for your unit please contact your District Commissioner and they can assist you. To help you in locating your District contacts for this process please look here.  2023-24 Council Re-charter Contacts


How can I make the process easier? 2023-24 SFC Recharter Process Helps

Charters are due to Council Office by August 31st: 2023-24 Recharter Package

New Membership Fees – Effective 1 August 2023: Membership Fee Chart

Questions About the New Fees and Changes in How We Register?: Click Here

Power Pont tutorial on how to navigate the re-charter platform: Internet Re-chartering-2.0-User-Guide

Video tutorial on how to navigate the re-charter platform: View Video Here 

Frequently asked questions for the new platform: Internet-Re-chartering-2.0-FAQ

Link to National resources for re-chartering: Charter Renewal Resources | Boy Scouts of America ( 

Exactly who is responsible for paying for Scouting? Who Pays For Scouting

How do I make sure my units’ finances are handled properly? BSA-Fiscal Policies & Procedures

Ok, my unit needs to fundraise. What are my options? 

Let’s talk Insurance Coverage:

Additional Resources: