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Oops! Did you miss the July 11th Training? Scout Night Training Video 

Prior Planning is Key to a Successful Recruitment Event! Unit Recruitment Plan 2023

Need Flyers or yard Signs – Not a problem – contact your District Executive

Watch this YouTube video to see how you can make your yard signs more dynamic! QR Codes on Yard Signs

Watch this YouTube video to see how to Advertise – Geofence – Boost your recruitment event on Facebook. Submit your receipt for Boosting to your District Executive and get reimbursed.  Advertise-Geofence-Boost Recruitment Events

Need more ideas to help boost your recruiting event and make it more dynamic?  Recruiting Campaign Kit

  • Join Scout Week – September 11-15, 2023 
  • Backup Week September 18-22, 2023


Questions? Please contact your District Executive