Annual Health and Medical Record

The Scouting adventure, camping trips, high-adventure excursions, and having fun are important to everyone in Scouting—and so is your safety and well-being. Completing the Annual Health and Medical Record is the first step in making sure you have a great Scouting experience.

Awards Central

Welcome to Awards Central, the Boy Scouts of America’s repository for information about official awards and recognitions. This is where the most up-to-date information about BSA-related awards may be found, including award applications and nomination forms.

Camp Card Campaign

Supporting Material for your unit to hold a successful Camp Card Campaign fundraiser.

Cub Scout Resources, Forms, & Applications

Support items to help Cub Scout leaders and parents deliver a great Scouting experience.

Cub Scout Ideal Year of Scouting

The Ideal Year of Scouting follows the BSA’s Journey to Excellence recognition program and helps Cub Scout Packs plan for the next program year.

Virtual Recruiting

Support items to help your Scout group conduct a successful recruiting program.

Guide to Safe Scouting

The Guide to Safe Scouting is an overview of Scouting policies and procedures gleaned from a variety of sources.

Journey to Excellence

“Scouting’s Journey to Excellence” is the BSA’s council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and council. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.

Marketing and Membership Hub

This is a resource to help you serve more youth in your area. From recruiting ideas to social media best practices, the Hub provides a one-stop resource to discover, activate, and improve your marketing and recruiting strategy.

National BSA Membership Resources

Support items for all scouting units.

Popcorn Campaign

Supporting Material for your unit to hold a successful Popcorn Campaign fundraiser.

Program Updates – 2015 and Beyond

Stay up-to-date on program changes within the Boy Scouts of America.

Scouting Safely

We want you to know that the safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees is an important part of the Scouting experience. The Scouting program, as contained in our handbooks and literature, integrates many safety features. However, no policy or procedure will replace the review and vigilance of trusted adults and leaders at the point of program execution.

Make sure your unit is up-to-date on keeping Scouting safe for our youth.


ScoutSource has been created to support the many volunteers who are so integral to the Scouting program. Within this section, you will find a one-stop shop for all of the resources available to assist you in your Scouting efforts.

Scouting Wire

The official Blog of the Scouting movement.

Tour and Activity Plan

The tour and activity plan is a planning tool for best practices to be prepared for safe and fun adventure. Completing the plan may not address all possible challenges, but it can help ensure that appropriate planning has been conducted, that qualified and trained leadership is in place, and that the right equipment is available for the adventure.

In addition, the plan helps to organize safe and appropriate transportation to and from an event, and defines driver qualifications and minimum limits of insurance coverage for drivers and vehicles used to transport participants. The Tour Plan does not need to be filed with South Florida Council or the National BSA, however all units should always use it in their planning of trips and outings and keep it for their own use. For Troops and Crews undertaking Aquatic Treks/trips– canoeing, sailing- you will need to file a BSA Float Plan before the trip with the unit Committee, parents of all participants and the Program Director of SF Council.  For Flying or the Aviation Merit Badge including orientation Flights a BSA Flying Plan must be filed with the SF Council Program Director before any flights take place.

Tour and Activity Plan Form

Unit Money Earning Application

Applications are not required for council-coordinated money earning projects such as popcorn sales or camp card sales. Please submit this application to your council service center for ALL other fundraising projects in your Unit at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date of your money earning project. It may be sent to for approval.

Venturing Summit Award

The highest award of Venturing, the Summit Award, goes to those Venturers who have matured in their personal direction, skills, and life competencies, and who have accepted the responsibility to mentor others and serve their communities in a lasting way.