Program Levels

Cub Scouting: Boys and Girls: Ages 5 to 10

Cub Scout Pg

Cub Scouts go places and do things. Hands-on experiences through a wide range of fun social activities build confidence, personal achievement, and respect for self and others. There are Cub Scout Packs in most neighborhoods throughout South Florida. If there is not one near you, give us a call to help you start one. Packs can be Girls only, Boys only, or Family Packs. Dens are boy only or girl only.

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Scouts BSA: Boys and Girls, Ages 11 to 18

Boy Scout Pg

Scouts have real-world experiences and adventures. They get outdoors, go camping, learn leadership skills, and discover talents and interests while having fun with friends. Boys are in Boy Troops, Girls are in Girl Troops, all seeking life long friendships and achievements, earning the rank of Eagle Scout! If you do not find a Troop near you, find 5 friends and 5 adults, and you can be up and meeting in one month.

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Venturing: Co-ed, Ages 13 to 20


Venturers do challenging, high adventure activities (like rock climbing, sailing, and hiking), as well as community service, building leadership, teamwork and socialization skills. If you want to start a Crew, let us know and we can give you the start up materials to start inviting folks to your first meeting.

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