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Name Position Email Ext Department
Jeffrey Berger, CNP, CFRE Scout Executive - Chief Executive Officer - Supreme Chief of the Fire 212 or Dial Direct - 305-709-2840 Professional Staff
Peggy Durbin Assistant Scout Executive - Chief Operating Officer 223 or Dial Direct - 305-709-2932 Professional Staff
Cliff Freiwald Director of Support Services - Chief Financial Officer - O.A. Lodge Adviser 213 or Dial Direct - 305-709-2976 Professional Staff
Diane Hickman Director of Learning for Life and Exploring 228 or Dial Direct - 305-709-3046 Learning For Life Staff
Robert Graves Director of Membership Services - Interim Phoenix District Executive (Broward/Dade County Line to Coral Way) 305-772-7572 Professional Staff
Don Durbin Office Manager - Registrar - Associate O.A. Lodge Advisor 237 or Dial Direct - 305-709-2908 Support Staff
Derrick Aitken District Executive - Panther District (South of I-595 to the Broward/Dade County line) 954-914-2389 Professional Staff
Natalie Tundidor District Executive - Phoenix District (North of Coral Way to Dade/Broward County Line) 786-704-4096 Professional Staff
Kristin Gasser District Executive - Everglades District (South of Coral Way to Dade/Monroe County Line) 305-244-6121 Professional Staff
Patrick Soper District Executive - Buccaneer (Monroe County FL) 225 or Dial Direct 305-709-3088 Professional Staff
Virginia “Ginny” Anderson Learning for Life Executive 221 or Dial Direct - 305-709-2882 Learning For Life Staff
Marilyn Munroe Fundraising Records-Billing and Accounts Payable 245 or Dial Direct - 305-709-3164 Support Staff
Ray Swift Camp Ranger- Camp Elmore 754-581-2830 Support Staff