Camp Everglades

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Miami Dade County (within Everglades National Park), 28400 Research Road, Homestead, FL 33034

camp-everglades-map-2015, Camp Everglades Rules and Directions to Camp Everglades

To make a reservation or inquire about camping or day use availability-

Email the Camping Request Form  and Camp Deposit Form to Cliff Freiwald to make a reservation. 305-709-2976


Camp Master: Jim Happell   

Controlled Fire Burns at Camp Everglades.

Controlled fires are done every four or five years by the EN Park Fire Service in cooperation with the South Florida Council  at Camp Everglades to remove the growth in the natural plant under story at camp, this helps reduce the available fire fuel if a natural fire occurs and its allow for new fresh growth after the fire cleans out all the excess growth. This limits significantly the possible damage that may occur at Camp Everglades from an actual wild fire if one takes place within the Everglades National Park that spreads to our property.  These are done at times that campers are not present

Video of a 2012 Controlled Fire Burn at Camp Everglades. Click HERE


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Camp Everglades provides tent camping at this 210-acre campground which is located within the Everglades National Park. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are common in this campground with clear views of the horizon in the east and the west. The campground offers eight primitive campsites, a main campfire arena, a main covered shelter, and pump wells.

Running water, hot showers, and sinks are located near the main shelter and are available for all to use. Stoves, refrigerators, and electricity are located in the main covered shelter. Three eco-friendly composting toilets are located permanently at the camp. Garbage disposal facilities are NOT available and all garbage must be taken with you when you leave camp.

If your group decides to explore the Everglades, the National Park requires that you pay the necessary fees at the front gate. Camp Everglades also has a hiking trail that circles the area. The “sinkhole” and many birds are typical sites along the trail. The Pine Rockland Forest also provides an excellent wildlife area for nature programs. Flowers, animals, insects, reptiles and waterfowl are abundant in their seasons.

The recommended camping season is from mid November to mid May. Beyond these months, the area returns to its natural state as a “river of grass.” and is typically somewhat flooded in some areas. With the summer months rise in water levels the mosquito population also rises. A valid Camping Reservation Confirmation is required for admission to the Park System to access Camp Everglades.

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Camping Daily/per person Weekend/per person
Fees $4 $8
Buildings Per Day Rental Per Weekend Rental
Pavilion/Kitchen $30 $45
Amphitheater $30 $45
Extra Port-o-lets $75