Don’t Let Your Unit Miss  Out    

Winter Recruitment Week 

Scheduled January 24 – 28, 2022!

Don’t let your Unit miss out, start planning EARLY, start   planning NOW!!!

Plan a fun and creative event – invite friends to join and see what Scouting’s   all about!   

 Need flyers: not a problem – contact your District Executive 


Watch this YouTube video to see how you can make your yard    signs more dynamic!   QR Codes on Yard Signs   


We are planning on having face-to-face recruitment events this fall. Your best resource strategy starts with inviting your friends directly via email, text, WhatsApp, Zoom, and MANY strategic yard signs in your own front yard, your community, schools, houses of worship, and other locations with their permission to your scheduled Join Scout Night event.

For More Information and recruiting Materials Visit: