South Florida Council Re-chartering Resource Site

Welcome to your Council re-chartering resource page. This yearly process is a function of the Commissioner Corp and if you do not know who the assigned commissioner is for your unit please contact your District Commissioner and they can assist you. To help you in locating your District Commissioner please look here.  2021-22 Council Re-charter Contacts 


  • How can I make the process easier?
    • Conduct an inventory in your unit now to ensure all members are registered
    • Please register all unregistered members immediately and ask your families who will be returning
    • Ensure all adults will be CURRENT in their YPT from Oct 1, 2021 onward
    • Actively secure the funds early – and this may mean you need to fundraise
      • Council provided fundraising options are available and desired
  • Open the re-charter window immediately when the window opens on August 1, 2021
    • Use this link to view a “how to” tutorial for online chartering
    • NOTE: the options for paying directly to National on pages 32-34 are not available this year
    • You can go here to access the charter portal located in your link
    • Updated access codes are issued every year and is needed to open the process as a new user each year
    • Your commissioner will email you your charter code specific to your unit as well as an information package
      • All items in that information package can be found on this site as well
    • Make it a point to complete your charter early and secure those signatures EARLY
    • Re-charter Tutorial: 
    • Set up a meeting with your Commissioner for an accuracy review check BEFORE sending the charter to the Council office
    • Charters are NOT complete until all paperwork has been brought into the Council office for the final step
  • 2021-2022 Membership Fees effective August 1, 2021
    • There is a slight fee increase of $6 for registration as well as council fees in accordance with national guidance communicated last year,
    • Fee schedule can be found here: 2021-22 Membership Fee Chart