It’s that time again!!! Don’t let your unit miss out. If you missed the first order date in August, you can order again in September. You can fund your unit’s program for the entire year by selling popcorn!


      Some of the great benefits of selling popcorn include:

  • There are NO up-front costs to your unit
  • There is a 35% commission to the unit
  • The commission is paid directly into you unit account, NO waiting for a check
  • Supported by an easy to use APP, that is continually update from user feedback
  • Type in phone or use any CC reader for transactions – Trails-End pays the fees
  • Sale options include online (touchless), store front, and take-order
  • A built-in prize incentive in the app using Amazon gift cards sent directly to the family to support individual Scout goals
  • Participating in the Popcorn Program can complete requirements for rank advancement and multiple merit badge

Sign up with Trails End and get start getting communication and start selling Now   

Council Kick-Off Saturday August 7, 2021  Tatham Scout Center 9:00am

Council Popcorn webpage

Popcorn Dates:

  • Online Sales by Individual Scouts– Available NOW and all year!!
  • Order #1 – August 20, 2021     
  • Distribution #1 – September 11, 2021
  • Order #2 – September 17, 2021
  • Distribution Date #2 – October 8
  • 10% Return Dates – October 11-15, 2021
  • Order #3 – October 15, 2021     
  • Distribution #2 – November 6, 2021