•  April 27, 2024
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm all-day

The  Sol  Leiman –2024 Five Arrows Advancement Program

Opened online on       March 1st, 2024       on April 20, 2024 Registration  CLOSED 

Five Arrows Registration Link:         Registration Link


What: Five Arrows -Advancement Program is an opportunity for all Scouts BSA Members to meet with Instructors on all the basic Scout Skills required from Scout Rank up through First Class Rank.

Knots, Lashings, First Aid, Camping,  Orienteering, Pioneering, Fire Building- Fireman Chit, Knife and Axe Use-Totin Chip, Native Plant and Animal Identification, Camp Service Project, Fitness, Hiking, Navigation,  Scout Skills—

Where:   Camp Elmore  3551 SW 142 Avenue, Davie, FL. 33330

Register at: https://southfl.tentaroo.com/admin2/events/5575/30649/2024-Sol-Leiman-Five-Arrows-Program

Pricing:   Youth – $30 until March 31st and then $35 until April 14th,  All Adults – $10

Five Arrows Map  2024 5 Arrows Map

Leader  Guide    2024 Sol Leiman 5 Arrows Leaders Guide v1.1

New —  First Arrow Fast Track Program:

We have put together a Fast Track Program for your brand new scouts that covers Totin’ Chit, Fire Building, First Aid and Knots.  Sign up for 1 track and get them started with the basics.

Additional sessions of those classes are also available for those who want to take other classes or who don’t need the basics.

Please see the schedule below to see all available classes.

Five Arrows Class Schedule: 2024 5 Arrows Final Class Schedule

We are looking for instructors and assistants to help teach all classes.  If you are interested, you can sign up through the same link.

All adults must be registered with South Florida Council and have current YPT Training.

The 5 Arrows Program provides a specific syllabus for all 5 Arrows Classes to follow and it will be provided once Instructors sign up.

Merit Badge Counselors for Geocaching, Leatherwork and Fishing must be at least 21 yrs. old a week  before Five Arrows.

Register at: https://southfl.tentaroo.com/admin2/events/5575/30649/2024-Sol-Leiman-Five-Arrows-Program

Questions contact SL Five Arrows Instructor Coordinators:

Connie Ryan,     

Flyer  2024 Sol Leiman 5 Arrows Flier 1

More Info: Please contact Staff Advisor  ">Cliff.Freiwald     or contact or

Tony Romero, SL Arrows Dean, 



Venue Website:

3551 SW 142 Avenue, Davie, Florida, 33330, United States