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  •  March 20, 2024
     6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Scouts BSA- NOVA- Shoot Program

When: March 20, 2024 

Where: Zoom 

Time: 6:30PM-8PM 

When: April 6, 2024 

Where: Markham Park Fox Observatory (Weather Permitting) 

If there is a weather issue per the Observatory it will be rescheduled  

Time: 4:30PM-Until 

   $25.00 Early Bird Registration 03/15/2024 

Cost: $35.00-if paid after 03/15/2024 

Scouts need to be in Class A uniform, closed toed shoes, bring pen, worksheet, water bottle with you. If you have binoculars or a telescope you can bring that. 

For more information   

Diane Hickman at (305) 709-3046 


Ginny Anderson at (305) 709-2882 


All scouts must print out the Merit Badge Worksheet for   

Last Day to Register is March 18, 2024, or when class is full.  

Attending the class does not guarantee the completion of a merit badge.    

No Walk-ins   No Refunds  

***We must have a minimum of 15 participants for this event*** 


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This module is designed for Scouts BSA to explore how projectiles and space affect your life each day 

  1. Choose A or B or C and complete ALL the requirements. 
  2. Watch about three hours total of science-related shows or documentaries that involve projectiles, aviation, weather, astronomy, or space technology. 

Then do the following:  

(1) Make a list of at least five questions or ideas from the show(s) you watched.  

(2) Discuss two of the questions or ideas with your counselor.  

Some examples include—but are not limited to—shows found on PBS (“NOVA”), Discovery Channel, Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, TED Talks (online videos), and the History Channel. You may choose to watch a live performance or movie at a planetarium or science museum instead of watching a media production. You may watch online productions with your counselor’s approval and under your parent’s or guardian’s supervision. 

  1. Read (about three hours total) about projectiles, aviation, space, weather, astronomy, or space technology. 

Then do the following:  

(1) Make a list of at least two questions or ideas from each article.  

(2) Discuss two of the questions or ideas with your counselor.  

Examples of magazines include—but are not limited to—Odyssey, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Science Illustrated, Discover, Air & Space, Aviation Week, Astronomy, Science News, Natural History, Robot, Servo, and Scientific American.  

  1. Do a combination of reading and watching (about 3 hours total). Then do the following: 

(1) Make a list of at least two questions or ideas from each article.  

(2) Discuss two of the questions or ideas with your counselor. 

DUE March 18, 2024, via email.  

Remember to email both Ms Hickman and Ms. Anderson. 

Before the zoom class 

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  1. Complete ONE merit badge from the following list. 

(Choose one that you have not already used toward another Nova award.) After completion, discuss with your counselor how the merit badge you earned uses science and projectiles.  

Archery, Game Design, Shotgun Shooting, Astronomy, Rifle Shooting, Space Exploration, Aviation, Robotics, Weather, and Digital Technology 

If not completed before April 6, 2024. This will be signed off by your advancement chair or scoutmaster. 

  1. Choose A and complete ALL the requirements. 
  2. Simulations. Find and use a projectile simulation applet on the Internet (with your parent’s or guardian’s permission). Then design and complete a hands-on experiment to demonstrate projectile motion. 

(1) Keep a record of the angle, time, and distance.  

(2) Graph the results of your experiment. (Note: Using a high-speed camera or video camera may make the graphing easier, as will doing many repetitions using variable heights from which the projectile can be launched.)  

Helpful Links  

Be sure you have your parent’s or guardian’s permission before using the Internet. Some of these websites require Java runtime environments. If your computer does not support this program, you may not be able to visit those sites.  

Projectile Motion Applets Website: http://galileoandeinstein.physics.virginia.edu/more_stuff/Applets/Projectile/projectile.html 

Fowler’s Physics Applets Website 


 Java Applets on Physics Website: 


(3) Discuss with your counselor: (a) What a projectile is (b) What projectile motion is (c) The factors affecting the path of a projectile (d) The difference between forward velocity and acceleration due to gravity. 

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DUE March 18, 2024, Before the zoom class. We will review on zoom. 

  1. Complete ALL the requirements. 
  2. Visit an observatory.

(1) During your visit, talk to a docent or person in charge about a science topic related to the site.  

2) Discuss your visit with your counselor 

 This will be completed on April 6, 2024, at the Observatory. 


  1. Complete ALL the requirements. 
  2. Design and build a catapult that will launch a marshmallow 4 feet. 

Then do the following:  

(1) Keep track of your experimental data for every attempt. Include the angle of launch and the distance projected.  

(2) Make sure you apply the same force each time, perhaps by using a weight to launch the marshmallow.  

your design, data, and experiments—both successes and failures—with your counselor 


Requirement 5 is DUE APRIL 6, 2024, in writing to discuss at the observatory. 


  1. Discuss with your counselor how science affects your everyday life.


Requirement 6 is DUE April 6, 2024, in writing to discuss at the observatory.