•  January 18, 2022
     12:00 am - 11:55 pm

COPE and Climbing   Level I    Instructor Training

Open to currently BSA Registered Adult Leaders over 21 years old,

We will also train COPE Instructors-In-Training whom are between 16 to 21 years of age and

are currently registered BSA members- whom  may take the same training

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM- must attend all sessions (Saturday,  January 29  and Sunday, January 30)

“Come out and learn how to run programs on the Camp Elmore COPE & Climbing Course.

Course will consist of Level 1 COPE/Climbing  Instructor Training— 1 year Training Term.

Make an account on https://Scoutsonrope.org and sign up for Elmore Level 1

so your training is registered with National, BSA.

Cost of this Instructor training is $50    the total of $ 50 will be deducted in the

form of credit to your Unit the first time you bring your Unit out and run a program for

them during your 1 year Training Term period. By becoming trained you can now assist

when your Unit comes out to Camp Elmore,  for a reserved and paid COPE or Climbing Session.

COPE Instructor Informational Page  COPE-Instructor-1-Registration-Generic

All COPE Level I Instructors will work under the direction and supervision of a COPE LEVEL II Instructor when on the COPE Course.

“If you do not use the training you will forget and be considered unsafe to run programs until you retrain.”


You must renew this training once every year. This training may not be used to facilitate COPE or Climbing outside of

South Florida Council COPE Committee pre-approved and organized events or activities, and may not be run at the Unit Level




Camp Elmore  Main Pavilion
3551 Boy Scout Road (SW 142 Ave), Davie, Fl. 33330

For more info or to discuss this program  please contact:

Mark Smith or Anna Brown – SFC Council COPE Committee

Cliff Freiwald, Director of Support Services




Venue Website:

3551 SW 142 Avenue, Davie, Florida, 33330, United States