Details Price Qty
Camp Everglades - Camping Deposit- Non BSA Groupsshow details + $100.00 USD  
Camp Everglades - Additional Weekend Campers- Non BSA Groupsshow details + $12.00 USD  
Camp Everglades - Additional One Night Campers- Non BSA Groupsshow details + $6.00 USD  
Camp Everglades - Additional Day Users- NOT Camping overnight- Non BSA Groupsshow details + $4.00 USD  
Camp Everglades - Sunday Night Campers- Non BSA Groupsshow details + $6.00 USD  
Camp Everglades - Pavilion and Kitchen -Daily Use- Non BSA Groupsshow details + $50.00 USD  

  •  December 30, 2024
     12:00 am - 11:55 pm

Do not use this site to make your Camping Reservation or Camping Deposit for Camp Everglades.

It will be returned to you and cannot be honored. Please make those on Tentaroo at:

This entry payment portal is for to make payments for  Campers for NonBSA Groups  staying overnight at Camp Elmore when instructed to do so by for Camp Staff and is only to process requests for 2024.

Reservations are First Paid- First Reserved- based on our available space-facilities and  dates

  1. Please provide a copy of your Groups General Liability Insurance Policy  that shows coverage for your group for $ 1 Million Dollars  ($1 M).
  2. The Policy MUST name our organization as an ADDITIONAL INSURED AND AS A CERTIFICATE HOLDER as follows:

South Florida Council Inc., Boy Scouts of America.

3301 SW 142 Avenue

Davie,  FL,  33330

3. Please also provide a copy-proof of your Groups Accident & Sickness Policy covering all members of your Group or confirm via e-mail that ALL            Members are covered under a Medical Policy to

4. Complete and return the attached Organization Hold Harmless Release Agreement .01.31.23 for your group.

5.  All overnight Non BSA Groups must have at least two (2) Adults over 21 yrs. old to camp. Including a female adult if any youth females are present.                  This is at all times while on property and they must be present supervising your group at all times in all areas campers may be. If groups separate into               smaller groups for activities then two additional adults must be with each of these groups as well.

6.  Even though you are not registered in the BSA –All BSA Guidelines to Safe Scouting and BSA Youth Protection Guidelines must be followed             and enforced by your Groups Leadership while on our properties.

7. Your group Leadership is 100 % responsible for all actions of every one of their members while on property, including any damage caused by members.

To hold any Overnight Camping- a minimum payment of $ 100 in Camping Fee or Deposit  is required as shown below:

  1.  A Campsite Deposit of $ 100  or
  2.  Nine Paid Weekend Campers (9 x $ 12= $108)   or
  3.  Thirteen Paid One Night Campers (17 x $ 6= $102) 

You may pay the remainder of ALL Camping Fees 2 weeks prior to your arrival. We are not able to hold a campsite without deposits-payments. All Deposits count towards your total balance due for Camp Fees

To hold any facilities/pavilions/areas in addition to the Camping Fees – a minimum payment of the full rental is required. We are not able to hold facilities without payments.  .

CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS: Only paid reservations will be Confirmed Reservations. We do NOT hold any dates, space or facilities—Unless you have a Paid confirmed reservation. We do not “pencil in”  reservations based on verbal or e-mail discussions– Once Paid and Confirmed- You are RESERVED. This system helps us allocate our available camping to all Units and their schedules.


CANCELLATIONS- REFUNDS:  All payment and deposits are fully refundable until 30 days prior to arrival with e-mailed /confirmed cancellations.

Cancellations less than 30 days for any/all cancellations of Groups or Members are Not Refundable.

With 24 hr. advance notice of a cancellation via e-mail to   and confirmed-up to 50% of your payments made –may transferrable for up to 3 months within the same calendar year on available dates at the same camp.

Please only make all Camping Requests by confirming with the below

After making your Overnight Camping payments on this site- please notify the below via e-mail



Venue Website:

28400 Research Road, Homestead, Florida, 33034, United States


Within Everglades National Park