Camp Card Campaign

Camp Cards 

Welcome to South Florida Council’s “Camp Card” fundraising program.  This initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way in Scouting. In 2023 units earned almost $33,000 in commissions!!!  Units participating in the 2024 program will earn up to 50% commission, ($2.50) on each $5.00 Camp Card sold.

You ask:  How does the Program Work?

  • Learn more details by attending the free kick-off meeting.
  • Help! My Scouts are selling like crazy and I need more cards.
    •  Reorder cards Here: 
    • Note – amount of cards given will be based on number of youth in unit and previous sales.
    • Good rule of thumb for starters is 10 cards per youth
  • How do I get by 50% Commission?
    • Sale ends June 3, 2024 
    • Close out account for all money and/or unsold camp cards and no later than June 7, 2024.

You ask: I want to sell, but I missed or cannot attend the meeting. What do I do? 

Help! My cards aren’t selling as fast as I thought, or I need more. What do I do?

  • Contact Peggy Durbin immediately, we can work this out!  
  • Don’t wait until the end of the sale to turn in a large amount of unsold cards – other units want them!
  • Do NOT swap cards with another unit – not even if in the same Scouting unit number family. (proper tracking gets messy)